Essay On Road Safety In 500 Words for Children and Students In English

Essay On Road Safety In 500 Words:  We all use roads. we walk on them or drive our vehicles on them. we go across them or walk on the pavements along them. in India’s cities, there are footpaths or pavements along the roads. those who walk on them are called pedestrians. it is safe to use footpaths if we are walking.

Essay On Road Safety In 500 Words- For Students 

roads in big cities are very busy. they are crowded with all kinds of vehicles like buses, trucks, cars, three-wheelers, motorcycles, scooters, bicycles, etc. slow moving bullock carts, horse carriages, etc. can also be seen there. walking or driving on such roads is always risky. people in hurry ignore the rules of the road and cause accidents. a lot of people die or get injured in such accidents every day. the best way to avoid accidents to obey the rules of the road, Essay On Road Safety In 500 Words here we explain few simple road safety rules should follow us.

do you know the rules of the road? do you always obey them? here are some rules of the road. we should follow them.

Road Safety rules (Essay On Road Safety)

  • always keep to the left while walking or driving.
  • do not turn to either left or right before giving a signal.
  • do not cross until the road is clear, before crossing the road look to the right once again. if the road is clear cross it quickly but carefully.
  • while crossing the road go straight. do not cross it at an angle.
  • do not run while crossing. walk fast but calmly. watch out for cars or vehicles.
  • in big cities, you must have seen black and white strips across the road.
  • there are called zebra crossing. if there is one, always use it to go across the road. it is safer to walk on it.
  • you must go through the traffic lights. red light. red light means stop. yellow light means ready to stop or move. green light means to move ahead. it is safer to move when the traffic light turns green. if you ignore the traffic signals, you can be punished.
  • while driving or waiting at a traffic light does not blow horn unnecessarily. it disturbs others and also causes noise pollution.
  • if you are driving a motor vehicle, drive it at a reasonable speed uncontrollable speed is dangerous and may cause accidents.
  • always wear a helmet if you are driving or riding a motorcycle or a scooter.
  • do not overtake any vehicle from its left side. give the signal to the driver and overtake from the right when the road is clear.
  • you can see the traffic policemen at crossroads. they give signals to control traffic. follow their signals without making mistake.
  • be more careful in driving when it is raining. roads become wet and slippery. fast motor vehicles take longer to stop. people often rush carelessly because they do not want to get wet. sometimes they hold umbrellas also while driving chances of accidents are very high on such occasions.
  • if you have to board a bus, do not try to get into it until the passengers have got off.
  • do not get off a bus until it has stopped. after you have got off the bus, do not try to cross the road until the bus has moved off. many people get hit by other vehicles when they step out into the road from his bus.
  • do not throw banana skins, pieces of broken glass or blades on the road. they may cause injuries to pedestrians and damage vehicle tires.
  • do not ever use mobile phones while you driving. better to stop aside to use it safely. you can thus avoid accidents.
  • do not stand in the middle of the road to talk someone.
  • do not park your vehicle at any place. park it at right place.
  • do not burn the firecrackers on the road. nor throw them on the road after burning them.
  • all of us should have a keen sense of Road Safety. it is the quality that we should have to be called educated, cultured and civilized.

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