Folk Dances Of Rajasthan- Ghoomar Kalbelia Chari Bhavai Gair Tarah Taal Walar Gavri Kathputli

Folk Dances Of Rajasthan: let us know about the folk dance of Rajasthan the folk dances of Rajasthan are inviting and engaging. they are bound to induce you to tap or two along with the dancers. Rajasthani dances are essentially folk dances. their origin is in rural customs and traditions. these traditional dances of Rajasthan are absolutely colorful and lively. they have their own significance and style. they are attractive and skillful. they are enjoyed by every age group. some popular folk dance forms of Rajasthan Ghoomar Kalbelia Chari Bhavai Gair Tarah Taal Walar Gavri Kathputli are giving here.

Folk Dances Of Rajasthan

Ghoomar Dance Rajasthani Folk Dance

this is most popular folk dance form of Rajasthan. this is basically a community dance for women. they perform it during auspicious events and occasions. the name of ghoomar is derived from the word ghoomna which means gracefully gyrating the women dancers cover their face with a veil.

they dance while singing traditional songs. they perform circular movements which display the spectacular colors of their ghaghras.

Kalbelia Dance Rajasthan – Kalbelia Rajasthani Folk Dance Kalbelia

this is ancient folk dance form is performed by the women of the kalbelia community. its dance movements are similar to the movements of the serpent. hence, the costumes are of black color women dance on the music produced by the bean (a musical instrument)

Rajasthani Chari Dance

this dance form is performed by colorfully dressed women with chari (water pot) on the head. the chari has a burning lamp or cotton seeds. the dancers perform several graceful movements. they do not touch the chari with hands.

Bhavai Dance Of Rajasthan

this dance basically involves women dancers. they balance eight to nine brass pitchers on their heads. they dance softly and twirl softly. they do all this while balancing themselves on the edge of a sword or on a glass.

Rajasthani Gair Dance

the gair dance is basically tribal dance. it is performed by both men and women during Holi festival. the dress is basically a long tunic that opens out as a skirt. the dance beats are given by sticks. the geendad dance of Shekhawati is somewhat similar to it.

Terah Tall/Taali Rajasthani Folk Dance

the Terah Taali/Taali (thirteen beats) dance is a musical dance. it is performed by women. the dancers place manjeeras (little brass discs) at thirteen places on their body. their male accompanists sing and play tandoora. the women dance with fine movements which create a strong rhythm with manjeeras.

Walar Dance – Rajasthan

the walar is an important dance of garasia tribe. it is somewhat similar to ghoomar 

Gavri Ka Khel Rajasthani Popular Dance Form

`the most famous bhil drammatical dance in the gavri dance. it is a troupe which gives dance performance village to village for a month. its nine functionaries follow a strict regimen. between the enactment of various episodes, the entire troupe dances around a central spot consecrated to a deity.

Kathputli Dance Rajasthan Folk Dances

in kathputli dance, puppets are made to dance by the puppeteer with the help of the strings tied to the puppets.

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