Mewar Ruler Maharana Pratap History Essay Information About Rana Pratap

Maharana Pratap History: Rajasthan is known for its valor and sacrifices. is there anyone amongst who has not heard of Maharana Pratap?. the history of that follows, describes Maharana Pratap, the great king of Mewar, Rajasthan.

Mewar Ruler Maharana Pratap Historymaharana pratap

maharana Pratap information– may 1540(3rd day of the Jyeshta Shukla phase) this fort is 85 km away from Udaipur city. he was the eldest son. his mother was maharani jayawantabai. his father was Maharana Udai Singh 2nd, the founder of Udaipur city.

pratap Singh (Maharana Pratap) was brave and bold from his boyhood. both the courtiers and the public was proud of his qualities. he mastered the art of horse riding, weaponry and warfare tactics very early in his life.

pratap Singh (Maharana Pratap) got married at the age of 17. his first wife was ajabde panwar. in 1959 he was blessed with his first son, Amar Singh.

in 1567 Pratap Singh (Maharana Pratap) was only 27 when the Mughal forces captured chittor. the entire royal family left for gogunda. pratap wanted to fight against the Mughal but the elders somehow convinced him not to do so.

when Udai Singh 2nd died in 1572, he appointed his son, jagmal, as his successor before his death. the royal courtiers and senior nobles did not accept it. they crowned Pratap Singh as the next maharana in gogunda.

maharana Pratap never accepted Akbar as a king of India. akbar, therefore, decided to capture Mewar. he sent his army general, Raja maan Singh of Jaipur to overcome Chittorgarh. maan Singh had a larger army than that of Maharana Pratap. maharana’s army waited for a Mughal army at the narrow haldighati pass. it was the only route of gogunda.

the battle was fought on 18 June 576. maharana Pratap and his army fought bravely. he and his favorite horse chetak were wounded. maharana’s men forced him to leave the battlefield. the Mughal army also decided not to fight in the hills. with the help of bhamashaha, Maharana Pratap reorganized his army. he recaptured much of the lost territories of Mewar.

maharana Pratap died of injuries sustained in a hunting accident at chavand on 29 January 1597 at age of 57.

pratap Gaurav Kendra has been built beautifully in Udaipur to glorify the legendary life of Maharana Pratap. people can go there and see it free of cost.

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