Panna Dhai : The Loyal Nurse Sacrifice For Motherland

Panna Dhai History Story Bio Wiki Panna dhai was the royal maid of rani karnavati, wife of Maharana Sangram Singh (Rana Sanga) of Mewar. before committing Jauhar. she called her little son Udai Singh’s faithful nurse and said ” Panna, my lord awaits me in heaven’ i entrust the future king of Mewar to your care. you will be his mother hereafter. not i. promise me to protect him till he is able to rule his people.

panna accepted the great responsibility with tears in her eyes. ”he will be my son here after, oh queen’ she said sobbingly.

Panna Dhai History Story Bio Wiki

prince vikramajit, an unworthy ruler. was already unpopular in Mewar. the high spirited and brave men of Mewar could not tolerate his cruelty, insolence, and injustices. they murdered him. banbir, the son of Rana Santa’s brother, Prithviraj, was then chosen to rule during the minority of prince, Udai Singh.

he was both ambitious and cunning. he wanted the throne, so he decided to kill Udai Singh. he was neither noble nor kind. he awaited the approach of night to the child (Udai Singh).

now the night had fallen. little Udai Singh had just taken food and gone to bed. panna just lulled him into a deep sleep, suddenly she heard great uproar in direction of the women’s quarters. an old maidservant had just arrived to pick up the remains of the prince’s meal.

”what is the noise about?”, asked Panna dhai anxiously.

”banbir, the new ruler, is eager to siege the throne permanently for himself. he wants to murder the young prince, Udai Singh, whispered the old women in trembling voice.

without wasting a moment, Panna took up the little prince. she hid him in a fruit basket. she covered the basket with leaves. she handed it to the women. she ordered the women ” take it and hide it among the bushes of the river bed” then she put her own child in the place of Udai Singh. and she was just in time.

banbir rushed inside the apartment almost the next moment ”where is the prince Udai Singh?”, thundered banbir.

with a painful heart, Panna dhai pointed to the cradle. with a broken heart, she witnessed the cruel dagger thrust mercilessly into the tender body of his own son. can you imagine Panna dhai feelings at that time? she saved Udai Singh but sacrificed her son.

nor could Panna dhai stay to mourn her dead child. as soon as cruel banbir left the hall, she ran to the river bed. she carried Udai Singh far into mountains to a spot of safety. thus Panna dhai, the royal nurse, fulfilled her promise to the departed queen. what a great sacrifice of an unlettered maidservant of the motherland.

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