Clean India Mission What Is Our Role Short Essay

Clean India Mission What Is Our Role Short Essay: you must be aware of the drainage system and the system of cleanliness that makes Indus civilization, the most glorious civilization of the world. the following text describes the importance of cleanliness in our life. now read this story to find out what we can contribute to cleaning India.

Clean India Mission What Is Our Role Short Essay

why is there so much dirt in our country? we do not pay the due attention to keep India clean. what can, I as a citizen. we can do the following things to makes our India clean.

  • we should put the domestic garbage into the roadside public dustbins.
  • we should keep the public road clean in front of our house.
  • we should devote one hour to the community every Sunday or on a holiday.
  • we should refrain from spitting on walls, footpaths, and roads.
  • we should avoid urination and defecation in the open.
  • we should not throw garbage on roads.
  • we should not litter bus and train coaches with nut shells and other garbage.
  • we should not use plastic carry bags.
  • we should not stick posters on walls.
  • we should not throw away the food leftovers.
  • has not the government of India started an action plan for cleaning India?
  • the government of India has started the swachh Bharat Abhiyan. the rural and urban India is to be made clean the coming five years.
  • if we all citizens follow the above what to do or what do not do, we can contribute to clean India.
  • yes, i hope students and citizens will do their best to ensure clean India.

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