Home Poems – Poems For Home Poems on home

Home Poems – Poems For Home: everybody has a home you, your friend. your teacher, the policemen, the prime minister, everybody. animals to have homes and each home has its name listen to the poem of homes.

Home Poems – Poems For Home Poems on home

I might have lived in a shell,
if I had been a snail

or in a great wide tossing sea,
if I had been a while,

or in the busy noisy hive
if id been born a bee

or a bunny in a burrow
eating lettuce for tea

I might have had a kennel home,
if I had been a dog.

or a mud hole in a river bed,
had I been a frog?

I might have been a little bird and
lived in a nest.

but oh I am glad I am just a child
I thank my home is the best

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