CAT – How to prepare for CAT without Traditional Coaching

How to prepare for CAT without Traditional Coaching: Each MBA aspirant, while beginning their preparation, has to choose either traditional coaching or study-self by taking help online. Is using traditional methods of coaching to secure a good percentile in CAT still relevant? Well, students are getting more and more inclined towards online coaching and self-study than classroom coaching these days. The COVID-19 pandemic has also left a few options in front of students with regards to CAT preparation. We will discuss various ways to prepare independently without depending on traditional coaching methods here below.

CAT – How to prepare for CAT without Traditional Coaching

CAT - How to prepare for CAT without Traditional Coaching

Reasons to prepare CAT without Traditional Coaching

The CAT exam has over two lakh applicants showing up every year for admission into 20 IIMs and around 100 top B-schools. So, a smart, innovative approach is required to ace this exam. During this pandemic, coaching classes may be almost impossible to happen, and they are also heavy on your pocket. It also consumes a lot of time, and going outside for coaching is risky now. Therefore, the need for the hour is to deviate from the usual traditional approach and prepare yourself by taking help from online coaching. There are numerous ways to prepare online and on your own. 

How to study for CAT without traditional teaching methods?

Since you lack regular coaching classes during, studying on your own by taking the help of online resources is the need of the hour. Also, online classes and self-study is a more flexible approach. We will discover the ways to study self and online in this section below.


Applicants often lack the larger motive behind their goal to take up the CAT exam. The consistency in your preparation strategy should also accompany a passion for winning. Coaching classes and teachers guide you on the right track, and peers keep you updated with knowledge. But without the right spirits, you can not do well in CAT. Even in such difficult times, one must have that motivation and hunger to succeed. One must be willing to try new things.

Preparation Schedule

Besides motivation, a smart schedule is imperative to study in an organized way. Having daily and weekly targets is a very important step to stay consistent. It’s equally mandatory to stick to the plan because the preparation might move into a haphazard way. People who are working professionals got to take their crucial time out for daily and weekly preparation. No coaching, whether traditional or online, is useful without a smart preparation schedule. Candidates also must have to devote eight to nine hours regularly. So, if you can have your own study plan, it will save time going outside for classes. 

Online Classes

For some help and guidance, besides having a self-study plan, aspirants can attend short term, online classes. This will save lots of time while maintaining the track of preparation. With intensive research, you should choose the right course materials and concentrate on test modules once you have completed your syllabus. CAT is a time constraint examination with the excessive competition; hence one should practice harder in a time-bound manner. Online courses are more comparatively cheaper than full-time coaching classes. But one must ensure to read the reviews of the courses online before choosing anyone. Will give you some insight on online teaching vs. traditional teaching here below –

Social Media

Social Media has become more reliable by providing authentic preparation materials. Visit Online forums like Quora, YouTube, and even the CAT official website will provide loads of information. Also, Group studies are another type of networking to ease the burden of studies. A decent company of individuals can keep you on the proper track. You will meet various fellow aspirants on social media, which will be a good alternative to meet people in person during classroom teaching. By meeting fellow peers online you can clear doubts and discuss strategies and also take help from industry experts regarding CAT. Such a way will be as good as attending campus coaching classes that, too, from the safety of home. 

FactorsOn-Line CAT PreparationOff-Line CAT Coaching
Tuition feesLow tuition fees for CATCost is higher
Flexibility of taking the classesThere is no need of traveling outside as classes can be taken from homeMore time to commute
Physical PresenceNo physical presence is necessary while attending the classes. The students must have access to internetThe students need to be present physically
Access to recorded classesThe candidates can watch the recorded class, if they have missed the classesThe candidates must be present in class, as the same lecture will not be repeated
TimeMuch time saving option as it has zero commuting time.Offline classes take more time which include travelling cost, batch attendance, late coming of teachers, etc
Working ProfessionalsOnline classes are perfect for working professionalsRegular classroom attendance is a must not suitable for professionals

Take Mock Tests Online

There are plenty of Mock Tests available online offered by Byju’s, Career Launcher,, TIMES, and many others. Some of these entities also provide free mock test series. You can take up these mock tests and even practice them together with your peers. Solving the mock test papers two months before your examination is very important. One should also look at certain sorts of questions that have consistently appeared in examinations.

Some questions are often solved in a mere two seconds if you use smart ways to solve them. A clear picture of your abilities and weaknesses will be available to you after taking mock tests. Analyzing your weak points and dealing meticulously on your shortcomings will assist you in achieving success.  So, you can find from the above writeup that even without attending classroom teaching, preparing for CAT is possible. In this pandemic, it is very risky to travel outside for any purpose.

So, it is always advisable to stay indoors and do all your tasks from the safety of home. Also, with more advancement of technology and social media, the traditional methods of coaching are gradually taking a backseat. The decision rests on you whether to move on with time or stick to tradition to prepare for CAT.

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