Pink City Jaipur Know All About Rajasthan’s Capital City

Pink City Jaipur Is capital city of Rajasthan state. is also called by the names of Pink City. it is often founder of Pink City Jaipur by Raja Jai Singh 2nd it was founded in 1727. the stone used for the construction of all the structures, therefore he called the pink city. it was the first time painted in pink color in 1857 to welcome the first visit of the prince of wales. Pink City Jaipur was repainted in 1876 during his second visit.

Pink City Jaipur Know All About Rajasthan’s Capital City

Jaipur was planned according to Bhartiya Vastu Shastra by Bengali architect, vidyadhar Bhattacharya. the directions of each road, street, and market are east to west and north to south. there is a rampant around me. there are seven gates to enter the Pink City Jaipur.

Pink City Jaipur connected with all the parts of Rajasthan and India by air, road, and rail network. in 2011 he had a population of more than thirty-five lakh.

jaipur is the tenth largest city in India as per the census of 2011. it has a semi-arid climate. most of the rainfall occurs during the monsoon months.

he has several tourist places. some of them are city palace, Jantar Mantar, Hawa Mahal, Albert hall museum, amber fort, Birla Mandir etc.

the state government rules the state from here. there is raj Bhawan for governor. the secretariat is for the offices of the chief minister, other ministers, and the administrative officers. there is vidhansabha for people’s representatives.

Pink City Jaipur municipal corporation is responsible for maintaining civic infrastructure and carrying out administrative duties. it has a mayor, deputy mayor and the office bearers.

jaipur development authority (JDA) is the nodal government agency responsible for my planned and sustainable development.

here is state high court bench And other courts provide justices to the people. the office of general police (DGP), COMMISSIONER, IGI, SP, etc. Pink City Jaipur is center of education, health facilities, gems and jewelry (business) and industrial development.

essay on Jaipur Pink City in Hind | जयपुर पर निबंध

राजस्थान में कई नगर है, किन्तु अपनी सुंदरता के कारण जयपुर नगर बहुत प्रसिद्ध है. इस नगर के परकोटे तथा मकानों पर गुलाबी रंग पुता रहता है, इस कारण जयपुर को गुलाबी नगर Pink City कहते है. जयपुर नगर राजस्थान प्रदेश की राजधानी है.

जयपुर में सभी बड़े कार्यालय एवं राज्य विधानसभा भवन है. जयपुर नगर की सड़के चौड़ी और सीधी है. जयपुर नगर में अनेक दर्शनीय स्थान है. इनमें हवामहल, जन्तर मन्तर, सिटी पैलेस, गोविन्ददेवजी का मंदिर, बिरला मंदिर, रामनिवास बाग, चिड़ियाघर, अल्बर्ट हॉल, सिसोदिया गार्डन, गलता, आमेर का महल, नाहरगढ़ आदि विशेष दर्शनीय है.

इन स्थानों को देखने के लिए देश विदेश से हजारों यात्री यहाँ आते है. जयपुर अपने कला कौशल के लिए विश्व में प्रसिद्ध है. यहाँ कपड़े की रंगाई छपाई का काम, पीतल पर खुदाई का काम, मूर्तियों और हाथीदांत के खिलोने बनाने का काम होता है.

यहाँ की लाख की चूड़ियाँ, कामदार जूतियाँ भी प्रसिद्ध है. जयपुर भारत का ऐतिहासिक एवं सुंदर शहर है.


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