Small English Poems For Kids & Children Class 1 To 6th

Hello Guys If You Searching Small English Poems Then U Landed Perfect Place. Here We’re Provided short love & romantic poems In English For Kids & Children. Low Standard Classes Boys Nd Girls He/She Reads In Class 1,2,3,4,5,6 Must Read It And Take Interest. By The Way, We Are Not English Content Writer But Collect Inpairing Poems For Our English Reader. Let’s Read And Enjoy Them.

Small English Poems For Kids

poem on birds in English

a little child saw a little bird
in the heart, singing was heard.
I wish to fly as you can
you a bird but I’m a man.

poem on a river in English

a river gives life to all
on the way, many hurdles fall
dancing like a maiden
heading to meet an ocean.

poems about God

God Is Here.
God is there.
in water and air.
find him everywhere.
through the prayer.

Five Little Soldiers

standing in a row.
three stood straight.
and two stand so.
along came the caption.
and what do you think?
they all stood straight,
as quick as a wink.

The Moon And The Sun

the moon shines clear as silver.
the sun shines bright as gold,
and both are very very lovely
and very, very old.
God hung them up as lanterns.
for all beneath the sky
and no body can blow them out.
for they are up too high.

We Love India

I am a soldier.
guarding my country.
I am a sailor,
guarding ocean and sea
I am a pilot
protecting the blue sky.
”we love India”
all the people cry.

Prayers For Children

Goddess of knowledge,
worshipped in school and college,
give me light
to fight for right.
let us pray
night and day.

Words Never Die

a word can never be recalled.
it remains forever said.
as long as there is a memory,
no word is ever dead.

now careless words once spoken,
can bring grief to a heart,
and often times in memory,
these words can never depart.

to make the world a sadder,
or a happier place each day,
is within the power of each of us,
by just the things we say,

since words live for ever,
it’s up to you and me,
to see that what we say each day,
makes the world a better place to be.

thinking poem

Is hope alive, when coming through your past?
Can you transfer love from the future, alive, to your present?
My present will be the continuity of life, the awareness of feelings, the Apollo’s golden gifts!
Light is everywhere!
Unexpected gifts are ahead!
We signed treats with the Gods! Fortune, hope, consent is here!
Someone might crumble the wall, leading me to freedom!
Today was a happy day!

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