Fruits Of Hard Work Are always Sweet Story-

Fruits Of Hard Work Are always Sweet Story- motivational stories for work This is short moral and Motivational Stories For Students to hard work, class 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8 students can learn a big thing through this story.

no doubt “Fruits Of Hard Work Are always Sweet” but need to convey this message to kids and students, in this story we are trying to motivate our readers to Hard Work and get success in her life in any field like education, job, business or else. let’s begin our story.

Fruits Of Hard Work Are always Sweet Story

Fruits Of Hard Work Are always Sweet Story- Motivational Stories For Students

once there was an old farmer. he had a son. his son was very lazy. he spent most of his time in eating and sleeping. he did not any work at all. he grew lazier day by day.

one day the farmer called his son and said ”look I shall give everything in charity. I shall not give you anything unless you earn one hundred rupees. for that, i give you three days time.

his son went to one of his friends and borrowed a hundred rupees note from him. then he spent the of the day in eating and sleeping. in the evening he comes back home and gave hundred rupee note to his father.

he told his father ” father, I have worked hard today and earned this hundred rupee note. the farmer took the note and threw it aside. ”this is not yours. you have not earned it, he said. the son was not angry at all. he just smiled and walked away.

the next morning he again borrowed a hundred rupee note from another friend and spent his time in eating And sleeping. when he returned home in evening, he gave that note to his father.

his father took the note and again threw it aside. ” this note is not yours. you have not earned the money yourself. you have not given up your bad habit yet. the son was not angry but he was disappointed. he did not succeed in cheating his father.

at night his mother went to him. ”my son said she, you must really go to work now. if you work hard and gave all your earned to your father, he will believe you. you have only one day to prove your worth.

the son took his mother’s advice. he went to work on his neighbor’s farm. he worked hard but he could get only twenty rupees that day. he comes back home and gave money to his father. before he could throw the note, his son rushed up to him and snatched the note from his hand.

he asked, why do you want to throw it away? I have spent the whole day working in sun just to earn this money” his father smiled and said ” I believe you now. at last, you have earned this money yourself. I am very happy. now you can take care of all real worth of hard earned money.

and he gave all his property to him.

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