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Fathers Day Poems From Daughter-All the readers are welcome on hihindi, Father’s Day is on 18th June. In this celebration, you have come with a collection of poems made on the father, today the day of June 12 is very sad. Famous Hindi poet and writer Om Vyas Om Ji is not our intermediate today, this glowing star of Hindi literature has always been lost forever. On returning from a poet conference on June 8, Om Vyas Om and his two companions have died in a car accident. Om Vyas Om Ji has written a number of best Hindi poems, which, after reading, automatically eyes down. Father’s Day 2017 especially offers tribute to his father by poetry.

बेटी से पिता दिवस कविताएं-hihindi पर सभी पाठकों का स्वागत हैं, 18 जून को फादर्स डे हैं. इस उपलक्ष्य में आपके लिए पिता पर बनी कविताओं का सगढ लेकर आए हैं, आज 12 जून का दिन बेहद गम भरा भी हैं. प्रसिद्ध हिंदी कवि और लेखक ओम व्यास ओम जी आज हमारे बिच नहीं हैं, हिंदी साहित्य जगत का यह चमकता हुआ सितारा हमेशा के लिए ओझल हो चूका हैं. विगत 8 जून को एक कवि सम्मेलन से लौटते वक्त ओम व्यास ओम और इनके दो साथियों की कार दुर्घटना में म्रत्यु हो गईं हैं |. ओम व्यास ओम जी कई बेहतरीन हिंदी कविताएँ लिखी हैं जिन्हें पढ़कर स्वत: आँखें नम हो जाती हैं. फादर्स डे 2017 स्पेशल में आज उनकीं पिता पर कविता के द्वारा श्रद्धांजली अर्पित करतें हैं |

Fathers Day Poems In English Language

Father is life, it is power, power is
Father is an expression of the creation of the universe

Father’s finger is the child’s support
The father is ever sour, sometimes salty


Father is obedient, nurturing, family discipline
Father is the administer of love for Goddess

Father is bread, cloth, house
Father is a big skyscraper

Father is unpaired infinite love
Father is waiting for children

Children have a lot of dreams from their father
If you have a father then all your toys are in the market

Father is a reflexion in the family
Mother’s dad and honey is from father

Father is an attachment to the world of God
Father is the high position of the household in the Ashram

Father is a victim of his wishes and family
Father is a statue of sacraments given in the blood

Father is a life’s gift to life
Father is good to show the world

Father’s protection is the head on hand
If not a father, childhood is orphan

So bigger than father you make your name
Do not insult your father, proud of them

Because the lack of parent can not make any difference
And God can not even cut his blessings

There is no place for any god in the world
The service of my parents is the biggest worship

The trips of any pilgrimage in the world are useless
If the son of the son was unable to father.

Fathers Day Poems In Hindi Language

मेरे पिता का जीवन ही ताकत
पापा ही ब्रहांड के निर्माण कर्ता |

पापा की उंगली बेटें का समर्थन है
पापा कभी खट्टे तो कभी चटके ||

पापा ही प्यार ,पापा ही अनुशासन.
पापा ही देवो के देव प्रेम के अवतार |

बेटे के लिए पापा ही कपड़ा मकान |
पापा ही घर और महल |

पापा असीम प्रेम का सागर,
पापा ही बच्चे का घौसला ||

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