Essay On National Bird Peacock In English

Essay On National Bird Peacock:-Birds are creatures that have feathers, wings, and beak. they are warm-blooded creatures and are always ready to fly into action. in fact, birds are the most powerful fliers of all living beings. however not are all birds can fly very high and the peacock is one of them.  Essay On National Bird Peacock In English

10 line Essay On National Bird Peacock In English

there are more than 2000 species of birds in our country. among these, the most beautiful, attractive and brilliantly colored one is the peacock. it is also the national bird. it has many colors. this charming bird is a familiar sight all over the country. it belongs to the family of pheasants.

the female is called the peahen and the male peacock, collectively both are called peafowl. indian peafowl lives mainly in the humid areas of the country. it is found in large agricultural farms, gardens, groves, and forests.

it loves clusters of trees and grassy spaces along freshwater pond, lakes, and rivers. the peacock is known by many names. the common Sanskrit name for it is Mayura, this means, a killer. it implies that the peacock is a killer of the killer the snake. the peacock is also called neelkantha because of the blue neck.

the peacock has iridescent blue-green feathers. it has colorful eye markings of blue, gold, red etc. these feathers are in great demand as they are widely used in making hand fans. in some parts of the country and world, some white peacock is found. they too look beautiful and attractive.

the peacock has inspired many poets since early days to compose beautiful poetry. here is a poem was written on the peacock. read and enjoy

national bird the peacock the
peacock stands tall and proud,
his blue and green feathers stand out from the crowd.
he unwraps his wings for us all to see
the beautiful colors so bright and feathery.
as we sit and wait for the peacock eyes to illuminate,
feathers so tall and head held high
what a magnificent bird
all the other birds cry.


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